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Open-In Collection

The uni_one open-in models combine technology and tradition becoming part of any building project, without sacrificing the aesthetics and the living comfort. It is available with the 45° junction, of the wood profiles, giving a modern and elegant character to the window, or with a 90° junction in full respect of tradition.

45° joint

The 45° joint is enhanced with a corner insert available in various finishes that can be combined with the colour of the handles or the wood.

90° joint

The corner of the 90° joint is inspired by the tradition of the wooden window, while retaining the rigorous lines and the purity of the contemporary design.

On the interior side, a unique section of wood is fitting several variants of outside aluminium frames.

Discover uni_one open-in collection:

Magis40 with double and triple glazing

STANDARD with double glazing

DROP with double and triple glazing

BRONZE with double glazing

COPLANER with triple glazing

FLAT with triple glazing

SLIM with triple glazing

TERMOSCUDO with triple glazing

STANDARD with triple glazing

BRONZE with triple glazing

More solutions: