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Open-in collection


with double and triple glazing

Lift and slide collection:


technological elegance in motion

One of a kind, the HS-magis40 by Uniform made by UniFenster is the lift and slide system that completes the minimalist line of the magis40. The HS-magis40 Uniform Kit, as with the casement one with the same name, makes it possible to install a window with an exposed section of the sash of only 40mm and a concealed frame flush with the wall.




slider dzrzwi wejsciowe

Open‑Out Collection

The open-out models are widely used in some countries, such as USA and United Kingdom. The usability of the indoor environment is maximized by the absence of the sash, which is opened towards the outside part of the building.


The light is the real protagonist of format38, the world’s thinnest open-out wood-aluminium window.

Format38 introduces the concept of sash-frame total overlapping, in order to reduce the visible section both of internal wood and external aluminium, which decreases to 38mm.


  • 30% more light inside the house;
  • Retractable handle installed on the wood frame;
  • Completely hidden steel reinforcing bar for coupling frames which compose window wall, up to 3500mm high;
  • Completely hidden hinges, designed and patented by Uniform;
  • Perfect aesthetic equivalence between openable and fixed elements;
  • Wide range of wood finishes;
  • Double and Triple glazing between 31mm and 47mm.

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Maximum Compactness:

Format38 is the technological summary of years of research, a result of a dream that comes true, or rather: a dream that becomes light.

Format38 with double and triple glazing