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of wood-aluminum windows and doors as well as wooden doors with an external bronze cladding. Our solutions are ideal for the most demanding projects.

Perfect design, perfect technical parameters create a valuable window.

We use modern technologies and our 25 years of experience in the field of window and door production to provide our clients with benefits such as silence, light, warmth and elegance.

For the production of our solutions, we use the Italian uni_one system.
Uni_one windows is a WINDOW REVOLUTION TECHNOLOGY. Characteristic features that distinguish UNI_ONE windows are: the use of 6-meter pine wood profiles joined with finger joints, fast and precise production, aluminum profiles and accessories used for the external protection of windows and doors, offered software and sales tools.

With UNI_ONE technology, we create a window in harmony with the prevailing trends of contemporary architecture and space arrangement – pure style and elegant appearance.

We work with architects and help individual investors and general contractors. At every stage, starting from the design, we provide technical support, through commercial service in the implementation of the facility, ending with the timely delivery of the ordered goods.

The potential of our company and the PREMIUM solutions offered will certainly allow for the joint implementation of many interesting, even the most complex projects.